Well said, and I'll reiterate it here, "PLEASE, no more pieces about how much you make on Medium!!!!"

I can forgive new writers this transgression. They know not what they do. It's the veteran writers, the few that have been showing up in our Facebook groups for years, that I can't forgive.

There's one particular writer (I don't want to name names because the last thing I want to do is slander a fellow writer) but let's call him (or her) Mr./Ms. Read Write Repeater. He (or she) writes about three articles a day. Some are good. Most are rehashed writing advice with the same exact tips that are in his (or her) previous articles. They constantly write articles advising other writers to spend less time writing and editing their articles and to publish things quickly. They constantly write these "Look how much I made" articles.

When I was a newbie, I would always clap for their better articles because I hadn't yet noticed the pattern. When I joined the FB writing groups, I'd continue clapping for their articles. But I started to notice that this person almost never clapped for anyone else's work. Call me obsessed, but I even looked on Medium at their clap history and the only thing they clapped for was responses to their own articles. So, naturally, I stopped clapping and began to notice the pattern I mentioned above.

A while later when I started writing humor under the Dirty Harry Wizard pseudonym, this person actually clapped for a few of my stories. I thought, "Ha, I got you!" These days, I don't pay them much mind, other than, of course, this long rant I just typed out.

Either way, I'm happy to have found a small circle of writers that regularly puts out quality stuff and who cheers me on just as much as I cheer them on. That's what's great about Medium. Everyone can find their clique.

Grew up with the laughter of Jim Henson echoing down the hall and the likes of Stan Lee darkening my door. Fiction is in my bones. Awkward humor is my maladie.

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