Personally, I’d love to see P.G. Barnett and Greg Prince contribute 400 word storyblocks for our prompt object.

Also, Dwight Metalloid is sort of a shadowy figure whose science fiction adventure stories crash down to the earth from whatever mountain hideout he and his robots inhabit. If the great sci-fi world builder Dwight Metalloid hears our calls, please cast your glance this way.

Another dream of mine is to get a 400 word storyblock from J.J. Hartly, the humble builder of amazing worlds.

Oh and of course Kyrie Gray and Donna Barker, but those two wonderful authors may be above our pay grade.

Grew up with the laughter of Jim Henson echoing down the hall and the likes of Stan Lee darkening my door. Fiction is in my bones. Awkward humor is my maladie.

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